Piano Lessons


                  Lessons given in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock and Blues   

Traditional: The student interested in a formal piano program will be first introduced to the the keyboard, the language of music, i.e the staff,  notes, clefs, dynamic and tempo markings, key and time signatures.  Emphasis is on reading music in this scenario.  The ability to read music opens the door to a lifelong joy of playing .  I generally begin with the books of Donald Waxman and progress through to the simple works of the masters.  Technique, ear training and sight reading are emphasized as a standard course of study.  From there progressing to the great masters, including Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Debussy.   

Jazz:  Jazz studies involve an understanding of chord construction, harmonic voicing, and tools for improvisation.  Various styles are explored usually starting with melody being played with the right hand, and left hand playing chordal shells. Stride piano technique is included as well as block chording.  It is stressed that student can construct complex harmonic structures and be able to play all of the inversions of all chords.  The so called 2-5 turn around figure is discussed and practiced as it is one of the cornerstones of jazz playing.  The studio is set up with two fine pianos (a Steinway and a Yamaha 6 foot grand) and teacher and student typically end lessons by playing duets together on Jazz tunes.  Learning to improvise is the ultimate goal and is attained through much listening, transcribing of solos of piano greats,  a knowledge of modes and scales and the ability to understand the harmony in order to "blow on changes" (improvisation based on the harmonic structure of the song.)

Blues, Rock and Roll, and Pop:  Many students young and old are looking for a combination of traditional piano study and other forms. My experience as a studio musician has required a knowledge of many musical genres and I have a vast experience playing pop, rock and blues. In the area of blues and rock, styles ranging from Amos Milburn to Nicky Hopkins are taught.  The styles of Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and professor Longhair are all requested and taught. In the realm of pop music we tend to focus on the artists that are piano centric, i.e  Billy Joel, Elton John, Coldplay, the Beatles and Adelle.

A member of the Rockland County Music Teachers Guild and lifelong union member belonging to New York City Musicians Local 802.

"Joe Delia is a fantastic musician and has the patience of a saint. His willingness to teach is a gift to anyone lucky enough to find themself sitting at a keyboard in his music studio. As a busy professional, I really appreciated Joe’s scheduling me at a convenient time in the early evening. I wanted to play rock music and he had the vision to balance that approach with  some classical training. Playing classics is gratifying and I really can’t say enough good about learning with Joe. I’d recommend Joe for learning or improving piano, keyboard, improvisation, and/or song writing any day of the week!          Jordan M. Lewart, DMD

"Joe is a piano teacher like no other. If your child doesn’t like lessons, he’ll like lessons with Joe. And if your child is ready to sit down and progress, get ready. He teaches to each child specifically.  He knows how to have fun and how and when to tighten the reigns explaining the difference between playing and practicing.     Joe is a talented, experienced musician who genuinely cares about his community and helping kids enrich their love and music practice. He’s helped teach our kids from the basics to preparing for college auditions. Joe is a gift!"    A.G. Palisades, NY

“Joe has helped me with the piano a lot.  He is patient when I’m having a bit of trouble reading things, and always motivates me to practice to achieve my goal of being a better musician. He also picks out songs and pieces that he knows I would like and what I am capable of playing.  Of all of the piano teachers I’ve ever had, he is the one that is most understanding and respectful and helps me work harder and harder each week. “

Gabriela Turfan, Paramus, NJ

“Joe Delia is a one of a kind teacher.  He started teaching me when I was younger at a time in my life that I was not enjoying piano and now I love it. He helped me fine tune my technical skills while also urging me to do what I really loved, which was accompanying myself while I sing. Joe’s whole life has been about music and I can really see it. I am so thankful for the many years I was Joe’s student. “

Kyra Fillmore, Blauvelt, NY piano lessons audition preparation Nyack Northvale