Vocal Coaching

Joe Delia Music Studio

One of the activities that has emerged from teaching has been the preparation of students for everything from High School musical performances and auditions, to demo recording sessions to full recording sessions of Jazz programs for college entrance to American Idol auditions. Teacher will work with student both in choosing the best repertoire for an audition, and honing the performance.  Admissions to Fordham University, Berklee College of Music and University of Texas are among the success stories associated with these preparations. As well, many students have requested help in preparing for performances in High School plays (including productions of The Producers, The Wizard of Oz, and Legally Blonde.) Vocal coaching in these instances is the key to a a successful audition or performance. Although not a strict Vocal teacher, Mr. Delia has gained vast experience in this area having worked along side singing greats such as Pat Benatar, Grace Slick, Cissy Houston and diva Helen Schneider. Vocal coaching and audition preparation are done in the same time allotted for regular lessons and the same rates apply.     

vocal coaching and general preparation for auditions
vocal coaching and general preparation for auditions

Audition Preparation

Preparation is the key to a successful audition.    The studio will address, repertoire, and  presentation, and will help guide the student through a typically stressful process.     

<< I am Currently a Jazz Guitar performance major at the University of Texas at Austin, Butler School of Music. I am two years into the program and could not be more happy with my decision to attend this school and pursue this craft.   Perhaps the most demanding part of the music school experience is the audition process. It is very competitive and requires a great deal of preparation. Joe Delia was instrumental in preparing me for this process. Before applying to college, I constantly practiced and played alongside Joe who gave me insight on the theoretical side of music, as well as playing in a live setting. In high school, Joe helped me professionally record jazz/contemporary supplements that helped award me a scholarship to Berklee College of Music 5 week summer program. Joe continued to guide me through my college endeavors helping me select my prescreening (round 1) repertoire to send in to colleges, as well as prepare me for live auditions (round 2) at various schools. 

 I cannot stress enough how important it was to have a mentor like Joe guide me through the college audition process. For any prospective musicians looking to continue their pursuits onto college scholarships and beyond, lessons and sessions with Joe will only enhance you both as a musician and a person.>>

 Shaan Greenberg


Studio Work

Recording Sessions/Demos/Studio Production

Session work is available in the studio.  The studio has been composing, recording and producing music for films, television and  commercials for over 25 years and thousands of pieces of music have been created here.   Although primarily an in house production room the studio is available for Demos and Larger productions for outside clients.     

Typically tracks are created on Digital Performed and then added to with live instruments and vocals.  Demo work is in demand for the student or artist looking to make a quality demo for presentation. Listed Studio rates apply.

For more involved productions, arranging fees will apply and will be worked out before the session.  

Years of  recording experience  are available in the way of playing and programming tracks, arranging and production. 


Experience Counts

Students are able to take advantage of decades of experience when it comes to composing and songwriting.

Song structure, feel, lyrics, melodic and harmonic training.   , and general objectivity are key.

The studio is also available for the songwriter who simply wants a quality demo performed and recorded.   In the instance where there is actual participation in the writing of the song, it is understood the terms will be agreed on relative to publishing and composer share in advance of the session.   Regular studio rates will apply

In session with a singer songwriter honing down a lyric before cutting the track.
In session with a singer songwriter honing down a lyric before cutting the track.